Professional Organizing is a service which helps people improve their living and working space. Rooms or offices in a disorganized cluttered state are rearranged to create an efficient area. We create systems to maximize the utility and visual appeal, and above all, to allow the individual and their families or co-workers easy retrieval.
Professional Organizers enhance the lives of their clients not only by improving their surroundings, but also by educating them and transferring their skills so the client can reap the benefits long-term. Professional Organizers help people take control of their space, their time, their paperwork and their lives.
The founder of the company, Robynne Pendariès, received her college degree in Child Psychology from Tufts University in Boston, and then moved to Paris in 1989. Robynne worked for 10 years as a fashion buyer in Paris, and subsequently raised her two children while managing her husband's career as a professional golf player and instructor. Robynne spent the next 8 years perfecting her clutter-control skills in her own home before starting her business as a Professional Organizer, and she has come to realize how thoroughly she enjoys ORGANIZING, which others consider to be a dreaded chore!

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