"Thank you Robynne for spending the time with me. I feel so relieved that my children's room has finally been sorted out. Everything has a place and is easy to get to. What would have taken me around 6 hours (like where do I have that kind of time at a stretch), we did together in 3 hours. Two heads were so much better than one! And thanks to you I have found a whole lot of new space...It was very worthwhile, and I would certainly consider doing it again. Thank you!"   
- Kim (Neuilly sur Seine)
"This is a fantastic service: when she says she is there to work, she really means it! She flies through the cupboards and boxes and helps you make decisions that would sometimes have taken you forever to make! Robynne is not judgemental, and doesn't make you feel your house is a mess. Once you get started, there's no going back. There is a wonderful sense of achievement when you look at your home and realize that you have a lot more space than you thought you had! And it has taken you half the amount of time! I would highly recommend this service."   
- Kela (Neuilly sur Seine)
"How I lived in this house before Robynne came is beyond me! She not only organized my house, she changed the way I live in it. By helping me declutter my house, Robynne helped me declutter my life. I now have so much more time to be with my family; time I used to spend taking care of my « stuff »! My friends thought I was crazy for hiring a personal organizer, but once they saw what Robynne did in my house, they had to try it as well. Now they are devoted clients too! One thing is for sure: one day with Robynne and your house will never be the same!"
- Diana (Paris 17e)
"...I have kept neat and tidy the rooms we did together, Robynne. It is so much easier when they're not crammed full! The garage has a path through it now and I went to the dechetterie 3 times with big stuff. I'm trying to do a bit each time I go in there with something, to come out with more than I took in like you taught me...I'm a happy camper because things are gradually getting more organized...The rooms you helped me with have given me such a boost – now I know I'm not resigned to a muddled life forever!"
- Louise (Lognes)
"Robynne Pendariès decluttered my life! I had recently moved into my apartment. And although it seemed quite organized outwardly, inwardly it was in need of Robynne! My place has very little closet space so the little that we have, needed to be used wisely. Robynne has an amazing sense of space, and the way in which I had filled my closets seemed logical to me, but when we went through them together, rearranged, threw out, gave away or stored in the storage room- I ended up maximizing my closet space 2-fold! I have a 5 year-old daughter with lots of  « princess-y » gadgets I didn't know what to do with! Robynne taught me how to store toys, games and gadgets in transparent containers and plastic zip-lock bags so that we never spend time searching for things anymore. In fact, when my daughter came home from school after a day of decluttering with Robynne, she spent 2 ½ hours playing in her room (something she has NEVER done before) rediscovering toys  that had been buried in a toy chest for years...Robynne is coming over today for another session and little does she know, but we will be spending some of our time today talking about preparing/organizing for the arrival of a new baby! There is a lot around here that is going to have to be moved, shared, reorganized, thought through...but I am not worried because I know that is her specialty! I recommend Robynne to anyone who would like more peace of mind."
- Liz (Paris 17e)

"Appel à toutes les femmes!!! Avec la rencontre de Robynne, ma vie a changé, surtout ma vie s'est allegée...Je pense que nous sommes très nombreuses à être envahi par des placards plein de documents, etc. partout...et on n'a jamais le temps de les faire et encore moins la motivation!! Avec Robynne, notre professional organizer, tout devient facile et c'est même un vrai plaisir de se débarrasser de toutes ces choses dont nous n'avons plus besoin et surtout de rendre des gens plus heureux, car en plus, Robynne amène tout à une oeuvre de charité! Le travail de Robynne est une vrai révélation pour nous les femmes! Robynne, une immense merci à toi! Je me sens trop bien dans ma nouvelle maison! "
- Heike (Paris 8)
"Robynne was so on time, it was a refreshing change. Very professional, and you never feel like your stuff is, well, junk! I am so pleased with her services, this was definitely money well spent. I won't hesitate to call on Robynne again if the need arises (hopefully I won't accumulate more junk in the future, but who knows?)"
- Cherry (Paris 17e)
"I want to say thank you for Monday morning – what a difference it is to work in here (home office)! My husband was very impressed, too! He didn't even believe me when I said it only took 3 hours, and he was happy to hear that you're coming back"
- Elizabeth (Boulogne)
"Thank you thank you thank you for today! My son came home and played for hours in his room. He could FINALLY see his toys! He wanted me to thank you for finding his things and arranging them so nicely in his room...At bedtime, we read some long lost books that had been living on the top of the shelf out of sight...needless to say he went to bed late, but happy! This whole decluttering thing makes my head spin, which is why I need you so much, Robynne!"
- Diana (Paris 17e)
"My kids were overjoyed after Robynne had come and organized their room and the play room. They could find all their toys, and they had more floor space to play on as the junk in the cupboards had been replaced with their toys...She also made me face up to junk that had been in the back of closets for years, but I had just ignored – she won't let you ignore it ! If you can't justify keeping it, she takes it away! Even my husband was blown away! Next on our list is to have Robynne tackle our home office."
- Claire (Paris 17e)
"I used to think that hiring a professional organizer was a luxury expense and not for a simple gal like myself. Now that Robynne has actually come over and helped me sort out the kitchen, I view it more as a necessity. I figured out that for not much more than I would pay for a cleaner (who needs to keep coming back each week in order to maintain the effect), I can get completely organized and the result of one session will last for a long time. Here it is nearly a month since she came, and my kitchen looks as great as it did when she first organized it! It's also not hard to measure the value of getting help with organization when you see how it contributes to mental health (which, as a mom of young children, I have very litle of). Having a spacious, organized kitchen leads to healthier meals for my family (I can find what I need), as well as a peaceful start to each day when I grope my way to the coffee machine and don't have to first wade through a bunch of objects I don't have a place for. It's a ripple effect of organizational happiness on my daily life. I would hire Robynne again without thinking twice."
- Jennie (Puteaux)
"Am I glad to have met Robynne! I can now find, wirh ease, all of my grandchildrens' toys and equipment needed when they visit. She is so delightful to be with and watching her climb ladders and organize all of my stuff filled me with awe. I have finally gotten rid of 20-year-old tennis rackets, tools, etc. etc. Thank you , Robynne, you are a joy to be with and you are the most organized person I have ever met! On top of that, you do your job with a smile."
-  Loretta (Florida)

"We recently used the services of Robynne, and we were delighted with the results. We have our second baby on the way and needed to optimize space in our apartment. Robynne was of great assistance in this, giving good focus on the task, as well as advice on how to organize each room. We have no hesitation in recommending her, and have passed on her name to some of our friends already-
thanks Robynne, for a job well done! "
- Justin (Paris 17e)
"I do not like to part with my money, but I can safely say that after being at my wits end with organizing my garage/pantry/workshop/laundry room, I had to get some professional help....Enter Robynne....In just a day and a half, we conquered the disorder and we are now still enjoying the long-term rewards of the complete overhaul, and I do mean overhaul, without spending one extra dime on extra organizing tools, save for our own labour. We did have to get our hands dirty and as others have said, Robynne is ruthless (in a good way). She pulled everything down off the shelves and made us think of how we use (and if we use) the item in question. It's a stratedgic attack! ...Nothing is thrown away. Robynne collects all the unused items and finds them new homes (ones with more space, such as an orphanage or Goodwill-type places."
- Chris (Antony)
" When I have been tempted to toss something just on top of its bin or bag, I take the extra few seconds to put it away properly now. My favorite part is that I am finding it much easier to clean because even the little odds and ends have a home now, that's labelled and easy to find! I know where everything goes. Another benefit is that there is less frustration - time wasted lookng for stuff, not being able to find things, stuff falling out and no time to put it back - creating more messes. It's hard enough to stay calm and on top of life when you are trying to run around with 2 little kids and not a lot of help at home. The reduced mess and frustration makes for a happier family. Also, I am finding that spending less time dealing with clutter means I can get the daily tasks done more quickly and spend less time on house work (which means more time for me!). Today I had people over for lunch and it is the first time in quite a while that I didn't even think to apologize for the mess...we are very grateful to have gotten off on the right foot in our new apartment."
- Sharilynn (Gif-sur-Yvette)
" I think you saved us 5000 euros in our kitchen by helping us declutter and better use our space! We got an estimate from a cuisiniste for some cupboards earlier this year, but since you came we have all the space we need. And I'm finally
 managing to use my desk again now, and starting to catch up on paperwork!
- Alison (St. Germain en Laye)
" My husband loved the way everything has its place...my daughter said WOWWW very slowly - I think she wants you as a Mom! I owe you a humungus thanks! It was a real pleasure to have your gentle presence, yet you were able to search and destroy clutter with your clutter-free trained eyes! Zip zap zip! Thank you for organizing and arranging things that have once again found their usefulness but were forever hidden from us! Much appreciation!
- Helen (Paris 16e)
" Thank you again, Robynne! I am really enjoying how easy it is to find & access everything in th ecupboards that we cleared out. And what a luxury it is to still have some extra space left over that is not yet allocated (not to mention not over-stuffed!)...I think that your no-nonsense approach, while not being unfeeling/insensitive, really makes such a daunting task possible."
- Helen (¨Paris 15e)
« THANK YOU so much for the tremendous help. Hubby and I are VERY pleased with the result and it is so nice to have a functional room again...I'm glad to have been able to donate so much stuff and that it went to a good cause. Thanks a million for taking our stuff to charity, it is one less chore we have to think about and a great service on your part. »
- Stacie (Le Plessis-Robinson)
" My husband and I are both very plesed with the work you two did. he is still motivated and using your organization techniques today to organize our phhotos, my dresser, etc. It's wonderful, and I really needed the help being so busy with work! Bravo to you for creating a job that you like, you're good at, and that brings people inner peace and less clutter - hats off to you! " - Elizabeth (Seaux)
" Robynne, I do feel lighter, it is strange how disorder just hangs there in your mind - material mess makes mind mess, and now it is starting to clear!! Million thaks, you are great at your job! My husband was amazed, we could actually see my home office finally for the 1st time!" - Carmen  (Paris 7e)
" What a whirlwind you are, Robynne! and you have such a lovely energy that what could have been a rather sad, stressful moment turned out be cathartic and dare I say fun!" - Andrea (Paris 18e)
"I just went to my closet to get out my toiletries to pack, and all I had to do was pull out the plastic box with the label, and everything was there! It's awesome! I also went to the flea market last week, and really paid attention to what I purchased, so that I wouldn't junk up my closets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Cissy (Palm Beach, Florida)
"I thought I had done all of work before leaving the United States. I had spent endless hours sorting, de-cluttering, free-cycling, donating, etc. But, when we arrived in our Parisian apartment in July, I had no idea what to do with the stuff our family of five did decide to bring along! So after we arrived, I spent more time than I care to imagine, shifting stuff around and searching websites to find out how to organize our stuff...and nothing to show for it. This is not how I envisioned spending my time in Paris! Thankfully Robynne came to my rescue. Robynne is an expert not only in getting you organized, but getting you organized in PARIS! Because Robynne knew what I needed and where to find it, in just 5 short hours, she had me in and out of IKEA and Muji, back home, unpacked, and with even most of it put together. I highly recommend Robynne for saving your time, money, and sanity!"  - Amy (Paris 8e)
" I can't thank you enough for the session we had together! It did me a world of good, and so many things that you said rung true for me. I spend so much time tidying my house but it always seems a mess.. Mainly because I have too much clutter but also I have no 'real method'. I poke things in where they will fit, To get them out of sight. Talking with you is so enlightening. I hate tidying up but spend so much time doing it. The things I dream of doing I have to put off because I don't have enough time....But with your help and the sessions we do together and putting in place practical tidying and order maybe I will get to do the things that I need to for me. I think my family got a 'whiff' of the new rules this weekend.. Everyone was asked to tidy their own things, the kids were being taught how to tidy up and put everything back in the right place... Again many thanks for your help and wisdom. - Karen (Paris 17e)  
"  Thanks for your note. I've been meaning to write to YOU and thank you for all the good work you did with me last week. It is now a pleasure to go into my closet! Going through all of my clothes also reminded me of what I have and helped find some old favorites that I've been wearing again. The other thing I am very happy about, is that I feel like the process has really started gearing up to the move and that frame of mind is  so helpful to know that it is OK to get rid of things and be more severe/realistic in certain decisions. So thank you so much for all of your help, guidance, insight, and time. And thanks, too, for making it as fun as possible with your up-beat attitude.
- Elisabeth (Paris 18e)
" Meeting Robynne has been a wonderful and great learning experience. I do believe that I have gained precious hours in my future when I won't be hunting things down or tidying up.Or buying extra things because I can't find the first ones...Also my family is being trained to keep things straight and work as a team...I do feel we often create our own clutter by buying too much or letting our children have too many toys. I believe that less is best!"
- Karen (Paris 17e)

" “Having Robynne come over was the best birthday present I could have asked for. This is better than therapy any day! I feel as if I can breathe again and only wish I had done it sooner. Robynne is so full of wonderful ideas that work so brilliantly. Thank you!”
- Louise (Méré)